Amazing might introduce Deadpool franchise at Spider-Man 3

If you think there are by itself enough character cross-overs in the Amazing universe, think again.

Now that 20th Two bits Fox has been fully acquired while Walt Disney, Marvel is rumoured to be looking for a way to fit Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool into the upcoming Spider-Man storylines, as well as also integrating totally different X-Men characters into the other superheroe films i the Marvel Univers.

But Deadpool has been  widely-celebrated as a brilliant stand-alone film, a  innovative report reveals that the company actually has chosen to integrate the funny, superhero  into the MCU first.

In line with to  fan sites, there are several choice of doing this,   including moving forward with  Deadpool 3, introducing Ryan Reynold’s brilliant character to a Disney+ string (we’re not entirely how absoluetly certain this can happen considering the PG ingredients that we all love so much), or including Deadpool  in  the availability of third Spiderman movie.

None  of these concepts have been confirmed but  fans are perhaps betting on the third option for one simple reason: Sony Pictures would get essential, meaning Disney won’t see the profits.  

Either way, its worth that lookout for another, far more foul-mouthed  guy in a red once the Spiderman 10 film comes out.